Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tummy sleeper

We officially have a tummy sleeper. He has been rolling onto his stomach at night which is fine now, the doctor said its appropriate to let him do so. Well now we lay him on his back to start and about 10-15 minutes later hes all twisted up from trying to get on his belly without squashing his arms. So we pull his arms out and let him lay. Now me being a paranoid mama i worry about him being on his belly but i have to realize that everyone said it was fine if he ended up on his belly so i need to relax.

Also he has been smashing his right eye so the fluid in his eye goes up into his lid and it looks swollen. The doctor checked it and he said its fine as long as there is no redness or goop. Gross i know. I just wish it wouldnt do that but he sleeps best on his belly like his mama. Well im exhausted and have a house to clean and PT to get up for in the morning.

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