Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I am now that mom

Today after PT, I had to run some errands. We were in target and i swear i spotted a pink helmet from a mile away. So i ran up to the mom and said i love your daughters helmet and then she said i love nolan's helmet too (his name is right on it obviously). It had pretty flowers all over it. She looked about  a month younger then nolan. She said you never see them and i told her she would soon.

I couldnt believe that I was that mom, i was the one approaching someone else. This seems like a giant step for me. I remember sitting in the kitchen on the floor just balling when it was so brand new. Im a mom but I am also part of a different community now too. Im a plagio mommy and thats fine and Im proud to be educated about it now. Sorry for my absence again. I am no longer interning due to a few reasons which are personal but for this semester I am off.

Nolan is working very hard in PT and propping himself up and bearing weight on his arms which is a great step towards sitting up alone. We can let go for a little bit but he still needs us. His current fave new food is bananas. He absolutely does not like sweet potatoes and applesauce, is take it or leave it. The pt also suggested certain types of toys that assist with his torticollis. They are so hard to find because most of them came out about 5 or 6 years ago so they are not made any longer. Ebay here i come i guess!

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