Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Best News!!!

We officially have a part timer!!!! Nolan will only wear the helmet when he is sleeping or in the carseat. He will be part time for three weeks before graduating unless he grows out of the helmet sooner which may just happen! Im excited and nervous. I am just extra paranoid about when he does not wear it so I am constantly making sure he is sitting up and not laying down while he is playing. He has been a really good sitter for the last 2 weeks. Therapy is improving and we have the tape on for one more week even though he doesnt really need it I requested it from our therapist.

I am looking forward to meeting some other Plagio mommy's tomorrow night at an event where we take Nolan. I think he will wear his helmet because on the ride over he needs to wear it so we may just leave it on for the event. Nolan is very squirmy now a days and very loud. He gets so excited and starts waving his arms and yelling mama lol. He just needs to say dada so his daddy can get off my case about me being his favorite :) Which is fine with me since he is with me all day. Anyways i have to get ready we have a therapy session this morning.